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Your Fire Damage Apex NC Restoration Company

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Apex NC

A fire is truly the last thing any business or homeowner wants to experience. But if that day ever comes, you can count on Professional Restoration Services to help! Our turnkey restoration company is prepared at the drop of a hat to begin the complete fire damage restoration process on your home or business.  

It is important to contact a professional in the aftermath of a fire, because if your property not remediated properly, you run the risk of secondary damages, mold growth, structural instability, and health concerns.  When you contact Professional Restoration Services for your fire damage Apex concerns, your home or business will be restored to its pre-disaster condition. We specialize in fire restoration services, smoke damage cleanup, fire damage repairs. 

Fire Damage Restoration

Emergency Fire Damage Apex NC Restoration Services

Call Professional Restoration Services, day or night, for immediate response for fire boardup, tarping, smoke damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, and fire damage repairs. We service Apex, NC and the surrounding area. We are your friendly local disaster restoration company.
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Emergency Fire Board Up Services

Emergency Fire Board Up Services

When a fire breaks out in your Apex NC home or business, there are so many things that need to be done to get your life back on track. One such task is emergency fire board up services. Our fire board up protects the property from the elements, vandals, animals, and other sources by covering blown out windows and exposed entry points. Roof tarping cares for the holes in the roof so that rain and wind cannot enter the premises. When done correctly, fire damage board up and tarping alleviates stress about secondary damages and further expenditures.  

For fire board up services in Apex NC, call PRS. We respond 24/7  to your fire damage Apex NC needs, assessing damages before covering windows, doors, and missing walls with plywood. Contact us today!

The Fire Damage Apex NC Cleanup Process

Step 1: Call our 24/7 Emergency Hotline

The Professional Restoration Services Emergency Hotline takes calls 24/7, 365 days a year, to all fire damage Apex NC emergency calls. After a fire, call PRS at (919)-467-1991.

Step 2: Inspection

Directly after you call our Emergency Hotline, we will send one of our fire damage experts to evaluate the extent of the fire damage, and inspect the area for any affected materials, helping us develop a restoration plan.

Step 3: Fire Board Up and Tarping

If the fire left your home or business exposed, either from a broken window, or compromised roofing, in order to keep the elements, vandals, animals, and other contaminants out, our technicians begin by tarping and boarding up all exposed and open areas. This step will be done immediately upon arrival to your property to ensure that excess water is kept out of the home, saving you the hassle of further water damages and money.

Step 4: Structure Drying & Stabilization

In the event that water was used to extinguish the fire, there is a possibility of greater damages like mold growth and structural instability. FOr this reason, our team will utilize industry leading water extraction equipment to quickly remove any remaining water from your property. Once removed, PRS can begin the drying process to return your home or business to a safe and dry state. Additionally, if we spot any areas that have begun to grow mold, we will treat these areas or remove the damaged materials and repair the area.

Step 5: Fire Damage Cleanup & Debris Removal

Once your home or business is completely dried, our team will begin cleaning up the property and removing any irreparably damaged materials.

Step 6: Smoke Soot Cleaning

When dealing with smoke and soot, the benefit of hiring professionals is never more clear. Utilizing professional cleaning and deodorizing techniques including air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and ozone treatments help us safely remove soot and smoke from the property and belongings. To ensure the odors are permanently eradicated, we treat all fabrics and textiles, and seal any wood to prevent odors from releasing in the future.

Step 7: Fire Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Repairs

As a licensed general contractor, Professional Restoration Services is able to complete the entire restoration process, which of course includes restoring and rebuilding your property back to the home or business you love and value.

24/7 Fire Damage Repairs in Apex NC

The amount and extent of damage caused by a fire in your home is often overwhelming. As such, fire damage repairs should only be attempted by a professional fire restoration company such as PRS. Otherwise, you run the risk of making matters worse and needing more expensive fire damage repairs than initially thought.

Call Professional Restoration Services for peace of mind with your fire damage repairs in Apex NC. Our trained and experienced team has the knowledge and expertise that sets us apart from other fire damage companies in Apex. Best of all, we complete the fire restoration process all the way from the initial fire damage inspection to fire board up, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, and fire damage repairs. We easily deal with fire damage repairs of all magnitudes.

Fire Damage Repairs
Fire Damage Restoration

We Work With Your Insurance Company

When a fire impacts your home or business, there will undoubtedly be a million thoughts running through your head. While it may not be something you immediately consider, it’s important to contact your insurance provider in the hours following the fire. This gets the ball rolling and establishes a pattern of action on your end.

When you call Professional Restoration Services for our help in the aftermath of a fire, our team will clearly document the entire project and work directly with your insurance adjuster, on your behalf, in order to ensure you get the coverage you deserve.