Flood Water Restoration

Flood Damage Caused by Winter Rain in Orange County

It’s no surprise that our winter has been exceptionally mild so far this year. In fact, the average temperature throughout December 2015 is 65 degrees, eleven degrees warmer than the typical monthly average for Orange County. But not only has it been unusually warm, but also exceedingly wet. With 7+ inches of rainfall, we’ve received more than twice the amount of rain than usual for this time of year, and not without consequences.

As the ground absorbs as much water as possible, becoming completely saturated, the rain ends up with nowhere left to go. Roads become rivers, parking lots become puddles, and lawns turn into lakes. With that much water pooling up, looking for somewhere to drain, it’s inevitable that some of it will end up in someone’s house, garage, or basement. Unless your house is up high enough, there’s a real chance water may pour in right under your front door. In fact, that’s exactly what happened this week to people living in Camelot Village, an apartment community nearby in Chapel Hill.

When inches of water pour through your home, the damage can be very extensive. Hardwood flooring, carpet, sub-flooring, paint, wallpaper, drywall, furniture, alliances, and more can be damaged or ruined. Getting everything dried out, and handling necessary repairs is a huge task. We’re licensed professionals trained to remedy these kinds of problems. If you’re a victim of flood damage, contact us today and we’ll worth together with you and your insurance company to clean up the mess and rebuild your damaged home. Call us at 919-467-1991