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Your Mold Removal Experts In Raleigh NC

Call PRS For Immediate Response To All Mold Emergencies in Raleigh, NC.

Whether or not you have allergies or mold sensitivity, prolonged exposure to elevated concentrations of mold spores in your home or business can be very dangerous for anyone. Because of these health concerns, it is helpful and important to know the symptoms one might display when exposed to mold. As your local mold removal specialists, PRS is prepared at any time of day or night to help quickly restore your Raleigh home or business to a safe condition, free from harmful mold.

Home Mold Removal and Remediation Services Raleigh NC

When mold growth is left unaddressed, it will continue to cause damage to your property and increase your chances of being negatively affected by it. Basic home remedies and cleaning supplies can be seem helpful, but in most instances it will only take care of surface mold and can lead to unnecessary spreading and further damage. The moment you find mold damage or even suspect mold growth in your property, call the professionals at PRS to schedule a free inspection to help identify any mold growth and begin the removal and remediation process. 

24 Hour Emergency Mold Removal Services In Raleigh NC

If you notice mold growth in your Raleigh NC home or business, call Professional Restoration Services, day or night, for immediate mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation, and mold damage repair. We are your local mold removal company.
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Mold Related Health Risks In Raleigh NC

Our focus at Professional Restoration Services is to provide restoration services to the home and business owners of Raleigh NC, with the goal of protecting your family and their health above all else. When you find mold growth on your property, we act fast and take every precaution to ensure that the long list of health concerns associated with mold growth are removed from your living space in a manner that prevents mold from taking hold in the future. If you notice mold in your home or business, call the professionals at PRS to protect yourself and your family or clients from the following health hazards:

  • Allergens
  • Irritants
  • Mycotoxins
  • Sneezing
  • Breathing Problems
  • Long Term Health Concerns

The Mold Removal Raleigh NC Process

Step 1: Call our 24/7 Emergency Hotline

When you find mold growing in your home or business, call the mold removal and remediation professionals at PRS at (919)-701-4358.

Step 2: Inspection

After you find mold on your property and give us a call, we will dispatch one of our mold removal specialists to inspect the affected area and identify any mold damage mold damage. From this inspection we will begin formulating a restoration plan to return your property to a safe and mold free state.

Step 3: Air Quality Testing

Before we make any attempts to remove the mold, we will test your air to see what types of mold exist and the density of the mold spores in your airways. This test gives us a baseline and allows us to use specific removal and remediation tactics tailored to the type of mold present.

Step 4: Mold Removal Cleaning

As soon as the area is prepped, our team will begin working to remove any irreversibly damaged materials. Mold spores spread through the air, and because of this it is imperative that once the damaged materials have been removed, that every surface in the mold affected area be cleaned and sanitized with a special solution.

Step 5: Mold Containment Setup

Due to the fact that mold spreads through the air, we have to make sure that the affected area is contained and that no mold containing air be allowed to circulate to the rest of your house or business. To do this, we will set up a containment zone utilizing plastic sheeting, hepa filters and negative air pressure.

Step 6: Mold Damage Repair

When mold is left unchecked the resulting damage can be substantial. After our team has removed all the irreversibly damaged materials there will undoubtedly be a number of repairs needed to return your property to its original condition. As a licensed general contractor, PRS is capable of handling repair, reconstruction, and remodeling jobs of any size.

Mold Damage Company

We Work With Your Insurance Company

If you find mold damage in your home or business, it is important to contact your insurance provider quickly so that it is clear the mold was not a result of negligence or disregard as this is the most common reason that claims are denied.

Call PRS today, if you need or believe you may require mold removal services. We will work with every insurance company in the Raleigh NC area, and will work hand in hand with your insurance adjuster to get your restore your home or business as quickly and painlessly as possible.