Water Damage Caused By a Neighbor

If your Cary or Central North Carolina home has signs of water damage caused by a neighboring property, call us immediately at 919-467-1991. We will show up soon and work fast to stop any further damage and begin the restoration process.

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When most people think or water damage, the common sources come to mind first. Things like leaking faucets, roof damage, burst pipes, or overflowing sinks and bathtubs. What’s often overlooked as a source of water damage is the property next door.

Homeowner’s who live on the low end of a hill a likely more familiar with water runoff than most, but the issue can affect almost anyone whose home isn’t the highest on the street. Even homes on level ground can be affected by water that originates on the neighboring property.

Perhaps it’s a hose or spigot that has been leaking or left running, and the water is pooling up and draining into your yard. Or maybe it’s a broken sprinkler system line that’s leaking water underground. The source of the water doesn’t matter nearly as much as the damage it could be doing to your home.

The risk in these situations is what the water does once it’s on your property. If it seeps down into the ground near your foundation, there could eventually be problems with cracks and compromised structural integrity. The water may also erode the soil, which can have the same result.

The wooden under-structure of your home is also at risk. If moisture levels are too high, mold can begin to grow, and wood can rot. Both of these scenarios directly affect your family’s safety and well-being. Mold spores can cause severe medical problems if inhaled and rotted wood can cause flooring and walls to collapse, hurting anyone inside at the time.

These are issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to stop them from progressing and damaging your home further.

If there’s ever any kind of water damage to your home, it’s recommended that you contact a professional. We’re available 24/7 through our emergency hotline at 919-467-1991. Our trained and certified professionals will be able to determine the severity of the damage and work with your insurance company to keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum. As licensed contractors, we’ll not only be able to rip out all of the damaged drywall, and any other affected structure, we can rebuild your home as good as new.