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Your Water Damage Apex NC Restoration Company

Call Professional Restoration Services For Immediate Response To All Water Emergencies in Apex, NC.

Water removal and water extraction is important to complete as quickly as possible in your home so you can prevent future mold growth. Water damage Apex NC causes a range of secondary damage, including warping, swelling of floors and furniture, weakening house structures, and mold growth. These effects may be prevented with immediate professional water damage restoration from a professional Apex water damage company. In case of a water damage emergency, find local IICRC-certified restoration experts, like those at Professional Restoration Services.

Professional Restoration Services performs water damage restoration services in Apex, NC. We respond 24/7, 365 days a year including holidays. We always respond quickly and arrive on site to minimize any further water damage from happening to your home or business. Trust us to work closely with your insurance company on getting an agreed upon scope of work and price for water removal, flood damage, and water damage restoration.

The caring and trained experts at Professional Restoration Services understand finding water damage is stressful. Allow us to ease your anxiety with seamless water removal and water damage restoration. We treat your home like we would our own!

Water Removal Services in Apex NC

If you have water damage in Apex, NC, a quick response is essential. As the most experienced water damage company in Apex, NC, we have the necessary water removal equipment and water damage restoration knowledge.

You’ll find many words to describe the water restoration processes: water damage mitigation, water extraction, drying, dehumidification, water removal, or water cleanup. If you find water damage in your home, you need water removal in Apex NC. This involves eliminating any excess water found in the building by:


  • Pumping freestanding water
  • Extracting water from carpets, pads and upholstery
  • Full drying of contents to mitigate potential microbial growth
  • Locating hidden pockets of water using special equipment
  • Dehumidification (removing water from the air)


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Emergency Water Damage Apex NC Restoration Services

Call Professional Restoration Services any day or night for immediate response for water removal and water restoration services. We service all of Apex, Cary, Raleigh and the NC Triangle area. We are your local disaster restoration company.
Avail 24/7

Common Causes of Water Damage Apex NC

What comes to mind when you hear water damage? Answers will probably vary, which is fitting since there are several common causes of water damage Apex NC. No matter what the source is though, standing water in your property requires quick and professional water restoration services. Professional Restoration Services handles all of the common causes of water damage, including but not limited to: 

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Water Restoration Services

Whether a pipe bursts, the bath overflows, or a natural disaster strikes, PRS is available 24/7 to take your call.  After you call our emergency hotline, PRS immediately sends a team of expert water restoration services technicians. For water damage in Apex, NC, we conduct an initial assessment of the damage and begin the water removal process. Our technicians use pumps, vacuums, and water extraction mats to extract as much water as possible. With the water gone, the contents of your home are removed for drying.  

Once the area is dry, PRS cleans the space to remove harmful bacteria and prevent the need for future mold removal. Following the water removal and drying process, Professional Restoration Services returns your Apex NC home or business to its original state. Our water damage restoration team fixes damages and replaces removed furnishings.   

The Water Damage Apex NC Cleanup Process

Water Damage Inspection

We respond 24/7 to all water damage Apex NC emergency calls. We immediately send the crew to start water restoration in your home. Meanwhile, we advise you what to do to ensure your safety and minimize the damage. PRS experts inspect the property to determine the extent of water damage and develop the best possible water restoration plan. We discuss the insurance policy with the owners and help them make a claim.

Water Extraction and Water Removal

When dealing with water damage Apex, NC, we use subversive pumps for continuous pumping. Efficient water removal is made possible with the help of truck-mounted and portable extraction units. Our technicians use infrared cameras to find and extract water hidden behind walls and ceilings.

Drying and Dehumidification

After the majority of water is extracted, the surfaces, structures and contents are still saturated. We monitor moisture levels of floors, walls and furniture and use industrial-grade dehumidifiers to prevent swelling and warping. High-speed air-movers cause the remaining moisture to evaporate.


We use various types of cleaning methods to restore furniture, upholstery and other items to their prior condition. This includes drying and cleaning, abrasive cleaning, spraying, wiping and more. Persistent odors after flooding and water damage are eliminated with air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

Water Damage Repairs

Professional Restoration Services experts complete all the necessary repairs. In most water damage in Apex, NC cases, we carry out removal and installation of drywall, repair hardwood, reinstall carpets, and repaint affected rooms.

Water Damage Repairs

When you find water damage in your Apex NC home or business, it is crucial that you act fast. Once the water restoration process has been completed and the property is completely dry, you’ll likely have damaged building materials and structures to contend with. 

Water damage repairs require professional expertise and equipment to return the home back to its pre-loss state. If the water damage repairs are not completed properly, you could be setting yourself up for even higher expenses and faulty fixes. 

At PRS, we offer a one-stop solution for water damage repairs from any of the common causes of water damage Apex. We are a licensed general contractor and employ only the most skilled craftsmen to complete your water damage repairs.

Water damage
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We Work With Your Insurance Company

It’s important that your response doesn’t show any signs of negligence if you don’t want your insurance carrier to decline your property claim. If insurance can prove that additional damage was done due to poor property maintenance, your claim may not be covered. If you need water damage Apex NC services, call us today.

Professional Restoration Services gives peace of mind that your restoration project will be done right the first time. We are the most trusted water damage company in Apex, NC. For water damage in Apex, NC, Professional Restoration Services has your back.

We cooperate with every insurance company in the area. Our team works with your insurance adjuster to get your home and life back to normal.