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Your Water Damage Cary NC Restoration Company

Call Professional Restoration Services For Immediate Response To All Water Emergencies in Cary, NC.

PRS serves Cary NC and surrounding cities for water damage restoration services. We understand that water damage Cary requires aOur ability to respond quickly and get on site fast allows us to minimize further water damage from happening to your home or business. We work closely with your insurance company to ensure that the damage is covered. Call Professional Restoration Services when you want a trusted water damage company that has your best interests in mind. 

Water Damage Services Cary NC

There are a handful of different causes of water damages in Cary, North Carolina, from an overflowing sink to a home flood caused by heavy rains. Our team of certified professionals has seen it all and are ready to remediate all of your water damages. These are the most common causes of water damage:

Water Damage Cary

Emergency Water Damage Cary NC Restoration Services

Call Professional Restoration Services any day or night for immediate response for water removal and restoration services. We service all of Apex, Cary, Raleigh and the NC Triangle area. We are your local disaster restoration company.
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3 Categories of Water Damage Cary

Water Damage Cary NC

When water damage strikes your Cary home, it’s important to know the different categories of water damages and the health implications of each.

Category 1 – Clean Water 

Category 1, or clean water, is water damage that comes from a clean source – like a toilet tank. This category of water does not pose an immediate threat, because the water is clean, but if the damages are left untreated it will support mold growth. 

Category 2 – Grey Water 

Category 2, or grey water, is contaminated water damage from malfunctions in washing machines, dishwashers, or overflowing toilets containing only urine. This water can smell and can cause some discomfort upon exposure. If left untreated, grey water will support the growth of harmful molds and bacteria in your Cary home. 

Category 3 – Black Water 

Category 3, or black water, is highly contaminated water that is full of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. When exposed to black water, it can cause severe discomfort and illnesses to the occupants. This water is a result of natural floods, sewage backups, toilet overflows that include feces and fresh standing water. Like all categories of water, if black water is left untreated, it will support extremely harmful mold growth. 

Flood Water Restoration

Have a natural disaster or major storm that caused flooding in your home or business? When a major storm hits that causes widespread flooding, it creates a slow backlog of insurance adjusters and restoration contractors. 

There are many homeowners in a concentrated area with house water damage that needs water restoration. There simply aren’t enough contractors and insurance personnel to handle the increase in demand. This creates a CAT (catastrophe) situation and requires contractors to respond from outside the region into your affect geographic area. 

The best thing you can do as a homeowner is to try to have a preexisting relationship with a restoration company so you can be higher on the list, use Google Ads to find companies that are marketing to get leads from outside the area, and speak to your insurance company on preferred contractors they have.

Flood Water Restoration

The Water Damage Cary NC Cleanup Process

At Professional Restoration Services, our team will identify what category of water is causing the damage and will stop the source of the water. After stopping the source of water that is entering your Cary home or business, we will create a water extraction plan, and begin the restoration process.

Water Damage Inspection

We respond 24/7 to all water damage Cary NC emergency calls. We advise you what to do to ensure your safety and minimize the damage. PRS experts inspect the property to determine the extent of water damage and develop the best possible water restoration plan.

Water Extraction and Water Removal

The first step is to remove all of the remaining or standing water. Our team will complete this step using different pumps and vacuums. Once all of the excess water is removed, the technicians will move onto the next step.

Drying and Dehumidification

Once all of the remaining water has been removed, the technicians will begin the drying and dehumidifying process. The step is crucial to preventing future mold growth.


We make use of many types of cleaning methods to restore your home to its prior condition. From drying and cleaning to abrasive cleaning, spraying, wiping and more, we have a technique to suit your damage needs. PRS also rids of odors with air scrubbers and fogging equipment.

Water Damage Repairs

Once the area is completely dry, and any present mold is treated, the technicians will begin the restoration process. In minor water damages cases, this may include replacing any affected drywall or insulation. In more severe cases, the restoration process may include replacing entire walls or flooring.

Water Damage Repairs

When you find water damage in your Cary NC property, you will likely feel frustrated. Don’t delay too long though! After contacting a professional water restoration company such as PRS, you’ll want to think about water damage repairs. Water damage repairs fix compromised building materials and structures to ensure the utmost stability. 

PRS has the equipment and expertise needed to return your home or business back to its pre-loss condition. Our knowledge of water damage repairs ensure that the job is completed right the first time to prevent higher expenses down the road.

Our one-stop solution for water damage repairs from any of the common causes of water damage Cary NC are the best in the industry. We are a licensed general contractor and our crew is highly trained in water damage repairs. Contact us today!

Water Damage Repair Company
Restoration Insurance FAQs

We Work With Your Insurance Company

Don’t have your claim denied! Act fast in your response to water damage Cary NC so that no signs of negligence arise. It is possible for your insurance company to investigate to prove that additional damage was done due to poor maintenance.

When you need water damage restoration services in a flash, call us today. Professional Restoration Services offers customers a pleasant restoration experience and peace of mind. Trust that your restoration project will be done right the first time. We are trusted for water damage restoration services in Cary, NC. For water damage in Cary, NC, Professional Restoration Services has your back.

We coordinate with every insurance company in the area — including yours! Our team works with your adjuster to get you back to normal life.