Ceiling Water Damage from Air Conditioning Pan Water Overflow

If you are located in Cary NC or in a surrounding area such as Apex, Raleigh, or Durham and have water damage in the ceiling of your home it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to see if insurance will handle your claim.

In Cary North Carolina, many homes have air handlers and air conditioning hardware on the second floor, crawlspace, or in the attic of their home.

If the overflow pan overflows, water can leak onto the floor, causing water damage. This damage is usually seen in the ceiling of the floor underneath.

Will homeowner’s insurance cover this damage?

Many homeowners insurance policies do not cover slow leaks. However, if you had a slow leak and suddenly a large leak, we can communicate this to the insurance company. We work with almost all insurance companies here on a daily basis.

What causes air conditioning water pans to overflow?

Here are a few things which cause water damage:

  • Clogged drain line – This is the most common cause of an overflowing water pan. Condensation exits from the AC’s drain line. When the line becomes clogged with rust, dirt, or miscellaneous debris, the water can not exit the drain line.
  • Disconnected drain line – If a drain line comes loose from vibrations over time, the water will leak all over the place.
  • Condensation pump – A dirty or malfunctioning condensation pump can cause leakage, flooding your attic or crawl space.

What to do if you are experiencing water damage in your attic

Call PRSHelp today. To see why we’re the best choice feel free to visit our detailed water damage and restoration page.

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