Fire Safety Tip: Fire Extinguishers fire extinguisher

Around my house, we keep a fire extinguisher under each sink. Every sink. In the entire house.

We have seen a lot of fire damage from homes that had a fire extinguisher present. The problem is when the hot flames rise up, you have only seconds to act, and the adrenaline is pumping, and trying to remember where that fire extinguisher is located can be impossible. Is it in the kitchen? Lying around in the garage? Where is it?!

Keeping a fire extinguisher under each sink allows it to sink into your brain.

Recently we restored a home that had been damaged by smoke and fire. The grease in a pan had led to this fire. You can read here about this grease fire.

In the event, there is a grease fire you could easily whip out the fire extinguisher and smother the flames if you keep a fire extinguisher under the sinks in your home. These devices are available at your local superstore for around $29.

If you own a home that has been damaged by fire please feel free to read about our fire damage and restoration services.

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