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Call PRS For Immediate Response To All Water Damage Emergencies in Friendship, NC.

Water related disasters are an emergency. Water begins to damage your property the second it comes into contact with the building materials in your home or business and continues to cause damage until it is removed and the area is completely dried. The emergency response team at Professional Restoration Services is available 24/7, every day of the year, to inspect the affected area, extract the water, and complete any necessary repairs to return your property to its pre-disaster condition and protect your home or business from further damages.

Water Damage Restoration Friendship NC

When you notice water damage or a water related disaster affects your home or business, call your local professional water damage restoration company to help you recover quickly and painlessly. Local companies will have a better understanding of the intricacies of the area from weather related disasters to building standards and even pre-established relationships with the local insurance providers. When you call Professional Restoration Services, we will send one of our water damage technicians to your Friendship NC property to conduct a thorough inspection of the damages and identify the cause of the disaster along with any safety hazards or structural concerns. This inspection will allow us build out a restoration plan to return your property to its pre-loss condition.

Emergency Water Damage Friendship NC Restoration Services

When you have water damage in your home or business, call Professional Restoration Services, day or night, for immediate response. Our team is ready 24/7 to extract standing water, remove damaged materials, and complete any necessary repairs. We service all of Friendship and the NC Triangle area.
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The Water Damage Friendship NC Restoration Process

Step 1: Call our 24/7 Emergency Response Team

When a disaster hits, there is no time to wait. Professional Restoration Services responds 24/7, 365 days a year, for any of your water damage restoration needs in Friendship NC. When you find water damage in your Friendship NC home or business, call PRS at (919)-467-1991.

Step 2: Inspection

Upon receiving your call, we will schedule a water damage inspection at your earliest convenience and in case of disasters we are available immediately. We will send out a water damage expert to conduct a thorough inspection of the affected area while helping to identify any safety hazards such as any structural damage or exposed electrical circuits. This inspection will allow us to tailor a restoration plan to your specific needs and provide you with accurate estimates on cost and timeline.

Step 3: Water Extraction

As soon as we've agreed on a restoration plan, our team will begin unloading our water extraction equipment and start removing any standing water from your home or business. This step is the most time imperative of the whole process because water will continue to damage your property until it is removed. Depending on the amount of water and nature of the disaster, this may take anywhere from minutes to days, but we will not stop until every last drop of water is extracted.

Step 4: Damaged Materials Removal

When water soaks into porous building materials, it can damage the structural integrity of the material, and through wicking action the water damage will spread until the standing water is removed and the area is dried. So once the water has been removed, our team of water damage restoration technicians will begin identifying any irreversibly damaged building materials and remove them before the water damage has a chance to spread further.

Step 5: Drying & Dehumidifying

Drying the area is vitally important in minimizing property damage and preventing issues like mold growth from ever becoming a problem. With the use of industrial blowers and dehumidifiers in tandem with hand held moisture meters, our team will return your home or property to a safe and dry condition.

Step 6: Water Damage Repairs

Once the area has been completely dried, we can begin repairing the damages and really bring your property back to its original condition. As a licensed general contractor, Professional Restoration Services is able to complete repairs of any type.

Causes of Water Damage in Friendship NC

Professional Restoration Services is your local water damage restoration company. Which means that in addition to being quick to respond to your water related disaster, we are familiar with the problems that commonly affect the great people of Friendship NC. While you can’t predict every disaster before it happens, understanding the issues that you are more likely to face will help you prevent, prepare for and handle it if and when it does happen. Among the most common causes for water damage in the Friendship NC area include:

Water Damage Restoration

We Work With Your Insurance Company

When you call Professional Restoration Services, we are there to help you with every step in the restoration process, including working with your insurance provider to make sure you are getting the coverage you paid for and deserve.

The moment we step foot on your property for our initial inspection we will begin documenting the damages and losses, and we will open up a line of communication with your insurance adjuster to make sure that everything that we do is within the scope of your coverage.