Water Damage In A Ceiling

If you ever look up while standing inside your home and see water stains on the ceiling, you’re not going to have a pleasant reaction. Thoughts quickly pop into your mind about where the water is coming from, how long it’s been leaking, how bad the damage is, how much worse it’s going to get, and how difficult and expensive it will be to fix. It’s one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares.

If your Cary, Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill home has serious water damage in either an upstairs or downstairs ceiling, call us immediately at 919-467-1991. We will show up soon and work fast to stop any further damage and begin the restoration process. We can work with your insurance company to make sure you pay as little as possible. We’re available around the clock, 7 days a week.

The source of the leak is likely either from the roof, or upstairs plumbing. For top floor ceilings, the source of the water could be a faulty appliance, like a hot water heater or HVAC system. It could also be a leak in the roof that is letting in rainwater. Lower floor ceiling damage can be caused by all those same sources, as the water may be running down the inside of an upstairs wall, and settling between floors. Additionally, the water could be coming from an upstairs bathroom or laundry fixture.

With so many possible sources for the water, it can be very difficult to stop the leak, since it’s source is likely hidden somewhere that’s difficult to access. Using advanced tools like moisture meters and infrared thermal imaging, we can detect where the water is coming from, how much of your home has been affected, and how serious the damage may be.

We can then work directly with your insurance company to not only make sure your out of pocket costs are kept to a minimum but also to make sure that all of the damage is restored.