Central North Carolina Tornado Damage and Restoration

We are central North Carolina’s wind damage experts with 25 years of experience in restoring damaged homes. We are not just a restoration company; we are a North Carolina State licensed General Contractor and can handle any residential or commercial job.

If you have wind damage to your home or business feel free to call our 24×7 emergency hotline at 919-467-1991 now.

What If A Tornado Hits My House in or near Cary, NC?

Hurricanes are terrible storms, but they have a silver lining: you hear about the days ahead of time. TV, radio, and newspapers all follow their paths closely.

You have to work hard to let a hurricane sneak up on you.

That’s not the case with nature’s most violent storm, tornadoes.

Winds can reach up to 300 mph and damage paths can be one mile wide and up to 50 miles long.

A tornado typically happens between 3 and 9 p.m. but can pop up anytime, even while you’re asleep, and when it does come, the path is unpredictable.

You can, however, be aware of the conditions that lead to tornadoes.

  • The sky will be very dark, perhaps even greenish.
  • You may see large hail.
  • You may see very low, extremely dark clouds. You might even see the embryonic cyclone as it bobs down from the cloud towards the ground.
  • And you may hear the legendary tornado roar which is often compared to a freight train.

Your first priority is safety. You should always have an emergency kit and a family communications plan.

If you believe a tornado is imminent, the lower you are the better. If you have a basement, go there. Don’t wait until the last minute either.

If you don’t have a basement, go to an interior part of your house – a bathroom or a hall. Stay away from windows. Bring mattresses for a bit of padding and protection.

A tornado can do immense damage to your house. It can rip the shingles off or take the entire roof off. It can drive objects through your exterior walls. It can break trees and throw them through your bedroom. The water can damage your sheetrock, cabinetry, and floors. Your windows can be blown out, the doors ripped off their hinges.

After the storm passes, it will be safe to go outside and you can begin to assess the damage. You’ll want to call your insurance company and then if you live in Cary or North Carolina’s Research Triangle, call Professional Restoration Services.

We work directly with your insurance company to get your life or business back in order as quickly as possible. We are insured and IICRC Certified restoration professionals.

Emergency Call Process:

  1. The emergency call comes to our 24-hour hotline – 919-467-1991.
  1. The on-call supervisor evaluates loss and dispatches our certified technicians.
  1. Certified technician arrives and stabilizes the wind damage. This may or may not include stabilizing walls, tarping off missing patches of the roof, etc.
  1. A mitigation plan is discussed with the client and insurance company.
  1. Restoration estimate is prepared and is sent to the insurance company.
  1. Estimate is approved and restoration begins