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What If A Hurricane Hits My House in Cary, NC?

It’s late August and along the East Coast and the Gulf Coast that means just one thing: it’s hurricane season.

The Eastern U.S. has been incredibly lucky for a decade as no major hurricanes have made landfall (Sandy did devastate New York and New Jersey, but it had been downgraded before it came ashore).

Hurricanes are relatively rare even in the worst of times and people tend to relax their guard assuming that it will pass them by yet again.

Well, maybe. But as North Carolina learned from Fran, when one comes in, it’s like a 100-mile wide freight train. There’s no getting away from it.

Hurricanes can cause massive damage. Large trees can be uprooted, roofs ripped off, cars tossed like toys.

Not only can the winds rip off your roof, but it can let water which will also severely damage your walls and floors.

The time to prepare is now.

You should make sure to have a good supply of canned food and bottled water. A cooler of ice is also a plus.

You should also have a first-aid kit, a good flashlight, a battery or crank powered radio and a way to power your cell phone. You’ll need more than a day’s worth of juice. You can use a car charger and tap into your car battery assuming you can get to it and that will keep you running for a while, assuming your battery is sound.

And speaking of your car, this is really important: make sure to fill your tank before any storm reaches your area. Once the power goes down, so do the pumps – and with them your chance of getting out (assuming the roads are passable and your car is not damaged).

All of that is secondary to your home though because if your home sustains serious damage from a hurricane, one thing can lead to another. You may lose a safe place and many of your possessions.

The immediate threats are wind and rain. Hurricane-force winds can rip your shingles off the roof and the plywood as well. If your house is up to hurricane construction standards, you have a better chance of your roof making it.

The winds can send objects crashing through your windows, which will allow a great deal of water in as well.

If you live in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, the Research Triangle or anywhere in Wake County, call Professional Restoration Services. We can advise you as to what you’ll need to do to restore your property and make it your home again. Call us at 919-467-1991 today.

Emergency Call Process:

  1. Emergency call comes to our 24 hour hotline – 919-467-1991.
  1. On-call supervisor evaluates loss and dispatches our certified technicians.
  1. Certified technician arrives and stabilizes the wind damage. This may or may not include stabilizing walls, tarping off missing patches of roof, etc.
  1. A mitigation plan is discussed with the client and insurance company.
  1. Restoration estimate is prepared and is sent to the insurance company.
  1. Estimate is approved and restoration begins

We can repair wind and water damage. We can replace your windows.

We can help work with your insurance company to get started quickly.

We can make your house your home again.