Bathroom Mold Removal

HELP! I Have Mold In My Bathroom

Unfortunately, mold is not an uncommon find in your bathroom. The high amount of moisture and humidity is often no match for the small bathroom fan. This means that spores can easily take hold. Common spots include in and around the bath tub or shower liner, as well as behind and under the vanity cabinets. 

This was exactly the case during a recent job by Professional Restoration Services. The homeowner called us for a small amount of mold growth, and as it turned out, found a much bigger ongoing issue.

Bathroom Mold Remediation

How to Check for Water Leak in a Bathroom

Sometimes your plumbing may spring a leak that goes undetected for a period of time. The result can be similar to the images above. Here are eight ways to seek out any water leaks in your home and bathroom.

  • Check the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank.
  • Remove the top off the toilet tank and listen closely for hissing.
  • If the toilets are fine, check the line running from the meter to the house
  • If you have the valve shut off at the house and the meter has stopped moving, then the leak is somewhere in the house
  • Check the shower head for leaks
  • Odors – Water emits an earthy, mildewy smell
  • Floors – Discolored grout, stains/water marks
  • Cabinets – Warping, delamination, rot, bubbling

How to Respond When You Find Mold in Your Bathroom

When you suspect mold in your home or bathroom, call a mold remediation professional who is certified in mold removal. PRS can evaluate mold damage, making suggestions as to whether an industrial hygienist is needed for testing or other best steps.

Professional Restoration Services Cares for Your Bathroom Mold Needs

Due to the toxic nature of mold, there are many precautions to take when it comes to mold removal. Homeowners should hire a professional mold removal company who is properly insured and experienced in handling mold removal. PRS is here to help!