Preventing Frozen Pipes in Raleigh

When temperatures drop in Raleigh, pipes are known to freeze. This typically happens in our area when temperatures dip below 20 degrees.

How do pipes break?

Water expands when it freezes; the pressure is what actually breaks the pipes. This happens regardless of you having metal or plastic pipes.

In Raleigh, homes on slabs may have unprotected pipes in crawlspaces or in attics. Less common are pipes in poorly insulated exterior walls.

Preventing frozen pipes.

Not all pipes that are frozen break. Sometimes, you just have the inconvenience of not being able to use water until they are thawed.

Here are some tips on preventing frozen pipes:

  • Foam insulation. Insulated pipes keep water pipes warmer & reduce energy bills.
  • Keep cabinets open. If you have non-insulated pipes underneath sinks, open up the cabinets allowing warm air in.
  • Let the water drip. If you let the water drip in a sink in your home, preferable a sink far away from where the water comes in to the home, this will allow excess pressure to escape in the event the water does start freezing.

If you have a minor pipe leak, call your plumber. If you end up with major water damage, visit our water damage and restoration page.