Air Conditioner Water Leaks and Damage NC

Air conditioning works by removing the humidity from the air then running the dry air over chilled coils. It’s a great thing, especially if you live in some place where the days are long and hot.

Take, for instance, North Carolina’s Piedmont region. Growth here didn’t really take off until people could control their indoor climates. After the 1950s and 60s though, when air conditioning became established, populations soared across the state.

Yet despite the great benefits of air conditioning, like anything else, it does not come risk-free.

All the humidity that air conditioners extract has to go somewhere. You see pools of water underneath cars and streams of water coming from window units into the grass below.

But what about central air? The water has to go somewhere, right?

In some cases, your air handler may be in your attic, and if that’s so, then you need to pay special attention. Condensation or a leak there could destroy your ceiling – and damage everything below.

Just because you don’t have that situation though doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Water can come from any number of sources.

A clogged drain line can cause a pan overflow. It can be clogged with dust, dirt, algae, and debris. This will also lead to mold, by the way.

A disconnected drain line can cause similar problems. This is typically done during an incorrect installation. If it’s on your ceiling, again, you could have very serious consequences.

A malfunctioning condensate pump can cause problems as well. Aside from leaking water, potentially catastrophically, it can also generate mold, which you really don’t want.

Other potential issues include clogged air filters, low refrigerant, cracked condensate pan, condensate buildup in un-insulated ductwork and a missing p-trap and air vent in the drain line. These can help prevent water backup.

Getting your house back together after a significant leak from your air conditioning unit may involve several things, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Working with your insurance company.
  • Removing your damaged possessions
  • Water extraction
  • Dehumidifying and drying
  • Odor removal
  • Repair and restoration

If you live in Cary or Durham, North Carolina, or the surrounding area, we can help! We can get a crew to you quickly. We can help you with the insurance company. Aside from removing the water, we can assess any further structural damage and repair it quickly.