Overhead Sprinkler Damage in Holly Springs NC

Most modern commercial buildings are equipped with overhead sprinklers, designed to spray massive amounts of water in the event of a fire, preventing the flames from growing, destroying the entire building, and hurting anyone that may be inside. Countless lives and businesses have been saved by overhead sprinklers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage of their own.

Once the fire is out and everyone is safe, you can go back inside your business to find everything soaked, from top to bottom. It’s likely you’ll find water damage on the ceiling, walls, counters, floors, and everywhere in between. It’s estimated that by themselves, ignoring the effects of the fire, sprinklers can cause up to $1000 in damage for every minute they are running. This is because they can spray water out at a rate of 25 gallons a minute, which is a lot, but nothing compared to the 250 gallons per minute the fire department uses with its fire hoses. You’re much better off having them than not.

But what about the cleanup? When the water is off and the flames are out, you’re left with a charred, sopping wet mess to clean up. Call Professional Restoration Services at 919-467-1991, and we’ll help you get the cleanup process started. We’re certified trained professionals, and we’ll work with you and your insurance company to remove and replace any damaged structures affected by the fire and water. We’re locally owned licensed contractors, and can help you recover, no matter how large or small the damage and your business may be.