Turkey Frying Tips to Avoid Fires and Injuries

Here in North Carolina, we love frying everything, including turkeys. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads to fire damage and even injury.

If you have a home damaged by fire please see our fire damage restoration service.

Grease Fires

Grease fires result in all types of injuries. We covered a few tips recently, including how to extinguish a grease fire and fire extinguisher safety tips. Improper handling of hot grease can result in a “flame burn”. Flame burns are from fires and are almost always full thickness or deep dermal burns.  If clothing or bedding is involved, the burns tend to be deeper and involve the full thickness of the skin or worse (reference).

This is what a turkey grease fire looks like:

Here is a video, courtesy of State Farm:

Basic turkey frying tips

Follow these tips at your own risk. We will not be held liable for anything in this article or any turkey frying injuries! These are just basic common sense statements, nothing more.

  • Keep children and pets FAR away from the fryer
  • Do not let the oil temp exceed 350
  • Read and follow your fryer’s instructions
  • Make sure the turkey is DRY before it goes into the fryer
  • After frying is complete, let the oil cool on its own (do not add ice)
  • Only fry outdoors

Fire Damage from Turkey Frying

Fire damages siding and can even burn a home to the ground. The fire departments in Raleigh are always busy on Thanksgiving.