Electrical Fire Damage In Raleigh, NC

If you are in Raleigh or a neighboring city such as Apex, Cary, or Durham and you have electrical/fire damage please feel free to give us a call at our 24-hour emergency hotline. We are locally owned and operated and we’re the fire damage experts. To see why else we’re the best choice, feel free to visit our detailed page: fire damage restoration service.

Although many strides have been made to prevent electrical fires, they still happen far too often.

Electrical fires are typically caused by faulty wiring, overloading a plug with too many devices, washers, dryers, fans and either portable or stationary heaters.

Between 2007 and 2011, American fire departments responded to an average of 22,410 annual home electrical fires.

There are many basic safety tips to avoiding an electrical fire.

First, don’t overload your plugs. You’re just asking for trouble.

Make sure to monitor your house for shorts and other issues. Some problems are easily fixable but can cause disaster if left alone.

This falls under the category of basic maintenance, and you can put cleaning your dryer’s vent there too.

Dryer lint can build up in your vent and when you restrict air flow with a flammable mass and then push hot air through it, you could have a very serious problem.

Over time fans will run down and eventually will burn out. These could spark a fire as well.

You also have to be very, very careful about space heaters.

If you use one, be very careful to give it plenty of room for ventilation. Don’t take your clothes off and leave them next to it and don’t leave paper about. These are even hotter than a dryer and will spark a fire in a very big hurry.

If you do have an electrical fire, it’s not one you should put out with water. If the electricity is still flowing you’re liable to electrocute yourself and that would ruin the rest of your day but good.

If possible use a fire extinguisher instead.

If an electrical fire does occur, it can do damage in all sorts of places. Fire and smoke can damage your home obviously and if you have a sprinkler system, you can toss water damage on the list as well.

Since electricity is wired before the walls are finished, you could have damage on the backside of your sheetrock and on your beams where the wires are mounted as well.

Obviously you should do whatever you can to prevent an electrical fire, but unfortunately, they do sometimes happen. And that’s where we come in.

We can help repair the damage from an electrical fire. We can fix sheetrocks, floors, smoke damage and flood damage. We have also licensed contractors and can fix any problem you have. We can even help you with the insurance company.

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