Ceiling Water Damage

We service Raleigh North Carolina and surrounding areas. We are based out of Cary and are frequently in the Apex and Cary area.

Ceiling damage is caused by a variety of things. One thing that is always consistent in ceiling damage: the source of the water must be eliminated before restoration may begin.


We work with ceiling damage when the damage is great enough to require an insurance claim. We will work directly with your insurance company throughout the restoration process. If you are not sure if you qualify for an insurance claim or not please do not hesitate to call us. Time is not on our side.

What causes ceiling damage?

Roof leaks, appliances, water heaters, leaking pipes, HVAC systems, upstairs bathrooms and tubs, showers, laundry rooms, and sinks. Any source of water near or above the water ceiling damage.

Ceiling damage restoration

Sometimes the problem has been going on for a while and the water has been saturating in insulation and the extent of the damage is not readily apparent. A level of danger exists with ceiling repair as the ceiling can cave in and there are usually electrical wires and light fixtures in the ceiling. Attic mold is another factor and sometimes mold remediation is required.

For a comprehensive overview of how the process works please visit our page dedicated to water damage restoration.