A Water Heater Fire in Cary NC

While rare, and becoming rarer as water heaters become safer, water heaters can catch fire. We recently restored a home in Cary North Carolina that was damaged by a water heater fire.

water heater fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, most water heaters catch fire from being too close to combustibles, such as flammable liquids stored near the hot water tank.

Here’s how hot water tanks catch on fire:

21% Too close to combustibles
15% Mechanical Failure
12% Electrical Failure
8% Unspecified short circuit
7% Leak
5% Worn out
4% installation deficiency
28% Other

(Reference NFPA)

If you have had the unfortunate experience of a home which was damaged be sure to visit our Cary Fire and restoration page.

If you have not, hopefully, the statistics above may help prevent one. Keep combustibles away from your water heater, periodically check it to make sure it is not leaking or worn out, and be sure to get water heaters professionally installed (In Cary NC a building permit is required).